If we are talking about the ecotourism in Yogyakarta, you shouldn’t miss this destination. It is Baros Mangrove plantation which located in the south sea area of Yogyakarya precisely in Baros, Tirtohargo, Kretek Bantul. Baros Mangrove plantation was there since 2003. Formerly this area was only the lower course of Opak river where there weren’t any plants around. That condition would make the area around the seashore getting abrasion easily caused by the waves and also by Opak river’s flood. So that, the locals people have an initiation to plant mangroves in order to protect the area from abrasion. Day by day, these mangroves grow well and make the lower course of Opak rivers being green and much better than before. The view around is also becoming more beautiful so it could be a magnet for the visitors who are curious about this mangrove plantation.

Baros Mangrove plantation ecotourism offer us the beautiful view of the spacious green mangrove plantation landscape. This area is about 4 hectares surrounded by the green view of the rice field where we can feel the fresh calming wind blows. When we reach this area, we cannot see directly Baros Mangrove plantation. We need to walk about 5-10 minutes by passing the rice field area, and the small river, and then we can see the enchanting mangrove plantation. Don’t worry!, the rice field scenery along the tracking is awesome, especially when we come there in the afternoon where the wind blows a bit stronger but it will make us feel so good. Entering Baros mangrove plantation area, we will walk along the path with an amazing view of mangrove plantation around. We can enjoy the mangrove tree directly. There are also other kinds of plant in this area such as Brugueira, Nypha, Avicennia, and Rhizophora.

Here, you can only sit while enjoying the atmosphere around or you can also rent a boat to explore the river. The boat will take us to float on Opak river about 1,5 km away. The maximum number of people one boat can carry is no more than 14 adult persons. You can see many kinds of bird who live in mangrove plantation area. In this area, there are around 49 kinds of bird as well as Gelodok, Uca, Kuntul, and so on. Other than a tourist destination, Baros Mangrove plantation is used as a conservation area to protect the lower course of a river ecosystem. So not only for having vacation, but you can also have educative tour here. Is that kind of an inclusive package, isn’t that? This area is such a nice area for having family vacation.

There aren’t many people who know that in Baros mangrove plantation is offered a camping area near Baros Beach. It will be really exciting to have overnight stay in the edge of the beach with friends then we can enjoy the extraordinary morning view of the sun rises among the mangrove trees. This is also a great place to have an outdoor activity. The facility provided in Baros Mangrove plantation is complete. There is toilets, a large parking area, gazebo to rest, and food court area.


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