Kulon Progo is known as the regency that has the great natural tourism potential. Starting from the south part to the north part, from the sea area to the mountain area, it has a really incredible tourism potential. The one of the sea areas that is popular enough in Kulon Progo is Bugel beach. Just its name, Bugel beach is situated in Bugel village, Panjatan, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. It’s still located at the same line with other beaches like Glagah beach and Congot Beach. From the city center of Yogyakarta, you can start to take Bantul street, then you have to go along Srandakan street, and you will pass through the bridge of Progo river. You just need to follow that route until you find Brosot traffic light, then take the route to the left that heads to Glagah. And you just need to follow again this route to find the sign direction that will lead you to Bugel beach.

Compared by the two other beaches, Bugel beach is not really as famous as them, but actually the view in Bugel beach is awesome. This beach could become a good choice for you who want to refresh your mind from your pile of work. Bugel beach will give you the beautiful blue view of the beach which has big waves. These big waves become one of the characteristics of the beach in Kulon Progo. So you are not allowed to take a bath or to swim on the beach. But you can still enjoy the sea water in the edge of the beach. The area of this beach is still look natural. We will see the overlaying spacious dark sand. This sand is also rich in iron oxide so it will look sparkling when it is reflected by the sunlight. There is a unique beach’s plant which usually becomes the souvenir to be brought by the visitors and also becomes the uniqueness in Bugel beach. This plant has pointed tip and if we burn that plant we will hear kind of popping sound. If you come here you shouldn’t miss to bring this plant home.

Bugel beach area is located near the fish market. If you are lucky enough you could see the sailors who are going to go sailing or who are coming from sailing. Maybe that activity seems not really special in other beaches, but we will feel the different sensation when we see it in Bugel beach. The sailors who are going to go sailing or coming from sailing, they have to deal with dangerous big waves. That becomes kind of tensing scenery. We can also buy fishes directly from the sailor which the price is absolutely cheaper and still so fresh.
The pathway in Bugel beach area is paved already so it will be nice accessibly to have an afternoon cycling. On the right and on the left side of the pathway, we can see the green view of the rice field. And as long as we head to the east we will get the beautiful scenery of the spruce trees and also the view of the unique house of the local people. Most of the local who live near Bugel Beach is a trans migrator so their house is a row house that looks similar. The best time to do cycling is at afternoon while waiting for the sunset on the beach. From this area we can enjoy an incredible view of sunset and also feel the breeze of the ocean.

The supporting facility in Bugel beach area is sufficient. There are toilets, parking area, mushola, and also food seller. This place will be so crowded on Sunday because there are many locals who do some activities like gymnastic and cleaning up the rubbish. You don’t need to pay an entrance fee to enter this beach area. You just have to pay the parking retribution about Rp.3000,-


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