Yogyakarta as the tourism rich city doesn’t only have many ecotourism destinations or culinary destinations, but it has also many edutourism destinations that could increase the knowledge. One of the edutourism destinations that shouldn’t be missed when you have a vacation in Yogyakarta is Wild Rescue Center Yogyakarta. Does it sound cool? This edutourism destination is located in Derwolo, Pengasih, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. If you are an animal lover, this destination would become your best choice to visit where you can get the new insight during your vacation time. You can also join as a volunteer. Its location is far enough from the city center of Yogyakarta. To reach this place, you can just follow Godean street to the west and pass through the bridge of Progo river. If you find already Kenteng market, you just need to follow that street, then you will discover the route sign direction that will guide you to reach Wildlife Rescue Center.

Wildlife Rescue Center Jogja (WRC Jogja) is a non profit organization for animals rescue and rehabilitation. Here we can see various animals over than 100 animals like monkey, ape, Javanese silvery gibbon and some kind of birds. This place seems like a zoo, but in this place the animals are rehabilitated so that they can live as essential as their natural habitats. It’s not really surprising if the visitors are not allowed to give the animals food. However it becomes animal rehabilitation place, Wild Rescue Center is publicly accessible. It offers the visitors many kind of attraction other than seeing the animals. But there are limited acces in this place where we can only explore some area which is allowed to visit. We are suggested to come in group so you could get more acces. Eventhough the acces is limited; you shouldn’t be worried because there are still many activities that you can do in this place. They are such outbond activity, high rope games, and educative conservation activity. WRC Jogja usually becomes an alternative place for university student to organize night gathering event. The visitors can have camping also because there is a camp area, but the campers must keep quiet because the animals have voice sensivity. This is a perfect location for you who want to have relaxation and tranqility.

One which becomes WRC’s tourist attractions is its huge dome, the orangutan living place. This living place is specially designed for having similar habitats in wildlife area. This hemispherical dome has a diameter of approximately 125 meters and it mesures 25 meters height. This dome can contain up to 200 orangutans. If you come here, you must see this spot because it is WRC Jogja’s icon. The facility provided in WRC Jogja is complete enough. There are toilets, parking area, outbound area, and homestay.


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