Kulon Progo is the one of regencies in DIY which has many ecotourism destination as well as beaches, hills, waterfalls, and reservoirs. One of those ecotourism destinations is Kleco Mini Reservoir that is quiet popular in Kulon Progo. Enventhough it is only an artificial lake, but you souldn’t be worried about its beauty. Kleco Mini Reservoir is located in the north part of Kulonprogo, precisely in Ngesong, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Knowing about the location of this reservoir, we can estimate that the location is far from the city center of Yogyakarta. Even so, we can reach this reservoir easily, because the route is smoothly accessible. From the city center of Yogyakarta, you go ahead to Godean street, and then you have to pass on the bridge of Progo river. If you find already the Nanggulan crossroad, you need to go forward to Girimulyo sub-district administration officer. Afterward, you just have to follow that route and find a bridge. From that bridge, you have to turn right and pursue the sign route direction to Kleco Mini reservoir.

This ecotourism destination is now becoming one of the visitor’s favorite tourism object especially the younger visitor. This place offers the beauty and the fresh air of a hilly area. The clear water in this reservoir will definitely make relaxing atmosphere especially if we come to this place in the morning. We can see the beauty of foggy sunrise on the hill. If the weather is great, we will see also the scenery of Merapi Volcano from this place. We can even also hear the animal’s voices which are living in forest near Kleco Mini resevoir. It is kind of an extraordinary thing that we can’t find easily in other places, especially on the town. This reservoir is smaller than Sermo reservoir, that’s why it is called mini rreservoir. But, the view is as nice as the view in Sermo reservoir. Other than Suroloyo Peak, this place can become the alternative destination to enjoy the beautiful view of the natrure from the top of the hill.

In the afternoon, you can enjoyably sit in this place while enjoying the relaxing wind and waiting for the sunset. It will be more exciting especially if you are here with your partner. For you who like photography, Kleco Mini reservoir could be nice photography spot. And if you are a nature lover and like camping activity, this place could become also your alternative place to visit because there is spacious camping area.

Kleco Mini Reservoir provides sufficient facilities like toilets, mushola, parking area, and gazebo. Don’t forget to bring the lunch box because the food offered in the food court area isn’t really complete, and sometimes the sellers don’t open also their food stall.
However we will be spoiled by the awesome view, but this place entrance fee is really cheap. The visitor need only to pay the ticket retribution of Rp.3000,-. In addition the parking retribution costs Rp 2000,- for a motorbike and bicycle and Rp. 3000,- for a car.


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