A river tourist destination that provides an extraordinary sensation is in Kedung Jati Valley, Oya River. It is located in Selompamioro, Imogiri, in the valley of the Oya River flanked by green karst hills. The flow of the Oya River stretches 106 kilometers upstream in Gunung Kidul and ends at the southern coast of Java.

Access to Kedung Jati can be reached by following the route from Jogja to Imogiri then before the T-junction to Gunung Kidul, take a left towards Selopamioro Adventure Park. Kedung Jati is also a challenging route and can trigger visitors’ adrenaline, very suitable for those who are adventurous, riding Mountain Bike (MTB), especially those who like downhill and trail bike crossers.

In Kedungjati, there are tour packages to go along the Oya River by a rubber boat. Don’t worry, the tour guide has guaranteed safety while riding the rubber boat.

There are two types of packages which are short trips and long trips with different prices and distance. Short trips are priced at Rp 150,000/boat with a distance of one kilometer. While the long trip costs Rp 250,000 with a distance of approximately 5.4 kilometers.

Along the Oya river, visitors are presented with a view of the beauty of cliffs in the hills, the mosque stone which looks like a mosque dome, and Ingas trees that are more than a century old.


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